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Roffensian Consulting is not content with being up to date with current trends in the skills which we provide.  Instead, we want to be thought leaders in those skills - helping to shape the evolution of program and project management, the effective leadership of change and the efficient development of companies and its people.

Andy Jordan has a relationship with Gantthead and has published a number of articles relating to project management there.  Please sign up for a free membership with them for access to that material.  Additionally, Andy has spoken and debated on a number of topics at events organized by chapters of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as at corporate events.

You will find a small number of Andy’s articles on this page which should provide some insight into his style as well as further background on Roffensian’s thoughts on these topics (all consultants are invited to contribute to our thought leadership initiatives).  Andy is also able to provide custom material for publication or for speaking engagements.  If you are associated with a business or trade association in rural areas these services are available free of charge - please see here for more details.

Does your organisation use project dashboards? - in this article Andy suggests that this isn’t necessarily the best way to track project success.  Learn more here.

Some thoughts on business planning for small businesses - Andy doesn’t consider a business plan as optional for small businesses, but neither is it something that a small business owner should do to keep the bank manager happy.  Andy outlines his views here.

Does your business improve every day? - Andy provides his thoughts on a continuous improvement approach to making your processes better and involving your staff in the solutions.  Learn more here.

Roffensian’s take on investing in people - Andy offers his opinions on the cliché that you have to invest in your people; and puts a practical twist on it - here.