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Roffensian Consulting is a management consulting firm based in Southern Ontario.  Our founder and president, Andy Jordan, started Roffensian for two very specific reasons:

· He was dissatisfied with consulting firms who claimed to put the customer first but didn’t live up to their promises

· He wanted to offer consulting services not just to large corporations, but also to small, rural companies that would not be able to afford ’traditional’ consultants

Roffensian’s approach to providing quality service is summed up by the words “Exceeding Expectations”.  This philosophy is the basis of everything we do - learn more about what this means to our customers by following the ‘Our Philosophy’ link at the top of this page or clicking here.

Our customers are mainly in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario regions, although we provide custom templates, tools and articles across North America as well as in a number of other countries.  We support multiple industries and public sectors and work with virtually all company divisions.

When it comes to the needs of rural business, Andy recognises that it is small, often family run, companies that are the economic engine of much of Canada.  Roffensian Consulting’s head office overlooks Georgian Bay in beautiful Tiny Township, and the success of small businesses in this and similar areas is critical to the success of the rural Canadian lifestyle.  Learn more about the program for small, rural businesses by following the ‘Community Support’ link above or clicking here.

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