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Every consulting firm, in fact every business, claims to put the customer first, but more often than not it isn’t entirely clear what that means.  At Roffensian Consulting our philosophy is simple – we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Throughout the engagement lifecycle we want to stand apart from other firms through the quality of service we offer, and the results that we provide to our clients.

Initial Discussions / Before the Engagement

When Roffensian discusses a potential engagement with a customer we will ask as many questions as you, if not more.  We want to understand your needs – why do you need consulting help, what are you trying to achieve, how does the proposed work fit into your overall business strategy.

We don’t have canned solutions for you, we can’t give you a ‘silver bullet’ that will solve all your problems because that wouldn’t be your solution.  We will have some ideas, we’ll provide you with some examples of how we might address your needs, but we won’t claim to know all of the answers before we have studied the challenges that are unique to your business.

This fact finding exercise also provides you with an opportunity to get to know the consultant set to work on your project.  We don’t believe in the ‘bait and switch’ approach to consulting – the consultant that discusses your needs is the consultant that will manage the solutions to those needs unless both you and they agree that a different skill set would be more appropriate.

Starting the Work

All of our contracts contain detailed statements of work with key review milestones during the first days or weeks of the engagement.  These milestones serve as checkpoints to ensure that the assumptions made before the engagement started are accurate and that both you and we are comfortable with the scope, scale and timeframe of the work.  They provide our clients with reassurances that what is expected is what will be delivered, and if not it provides an opportunity to reconsider the approach without a long term financial commitment.

Executing and Managing the Work

Roffensian Consulting doesn’t have a set process for managing work, because you don’t have a standard business – your organisation and needs are unique and we will therefore tailor a unique approach that works for you based on the skills and experience of our consultants.  Of course we have suggestions and recommendations for such key areas as stakeholder decision making, status reporting, etc, but the final approach will be agreed on in partnership with our consultant and our client.

Roffensian was founded on the concept of exceptional service and our president, Andy Jordan, takes this very seriously.  Whether he is directly involved in an engagement or not he will be the account manager, ensuring that clients are receiving the quality of service they deserve, and that all of their needs are being met.

Completing the Work

A Roffensian Consulting engagement is completed only when the customer is satisfied.  When all work has been finalised our consultant will provide you with a final report containing all of the documents produced during the engagement, a summary of the end state and recommendations on how you might use the completed work as a foundation for further evolution.

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