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Business Planning

At Roffensian Consulting we understand that our customers are the experts in their business, and we do not pretend to know more than them.† Rather our business planning services concentrate on working with the executive / management team to not only build a business plan that will provide a springboard for success, but also can be implemented efficiently and will achieve the expected benefits.

As such our business planning services often dovetail with our PMO and program management services to create the execution layer that moves strategy from plan to reality.

We view the business planning process as having three distinct phases, and our services match those phases:

 The high level visioning phase, consisting of an analysis of existing business plans, a study of market and competitive conditions and decisions around high level goals and objectives

 The strategic planning phase where decisions are reached around specific strategic goals and budgets for the next 12 - 18 months, initiatives are approved, commitments are made, etc

 The execution phase where detailed plans are developed to turn the strategic plan into reality and measures are implemented to monitor and quantify success.† Potentially this is also where decisions are made to change the business plan in response to changing conditions or unexpected outcomes

Roffensian doesnít view business planning as a once a year activity, rather it is an ongoing activity that rotates through the three phases annually.† A business planning mandate typically includes some or all of the following aspects:

 Review of existing business plans and analysis of progress on initiatives against the plan, benefits realised compared to expected benefits on completed projects; and the current market, competitive and regulatory conditions impacting the company.

 Facilitation of discussions with executive management to develop a revised business plan focused on medium to long term goals and objectives.† This will include negotiation to reach consensus

 Identification of all proposed short to medium term strategic initiatives proposed for next 12 - 18 months to help achieve goals and objectives

 High level quantitative and qualitative analysis of proposed initiatives and recommendation of priority projects

 Facilitation of approval process to reach consensus on strategic initiatives

 Development of objective and subjective measures to monitor progress of approved initiatives during the execution phase and to ensure that benefits are being realised upon completion

 Development and implementation of processes to transition approved, planned initiatives into the execution phase (either through Roffensianís PMO, program and project management services or through customerís own management team)

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Business Planning

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