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We all know that staff are the biggest investment that a company has, but they are often the asset that receives the lowest amount of ‘care and attention’.  Roffensian Consulting’s coaching and mentoring services aim to redress this balance and provide your key people with practical coaching that is relevant to their roles as well as focused mentoring to help them plan and manage their careers.

Coaching and mentoring are clearly related services, but there are some key differences:

· Coaching focuses on job based, practical coaching to assist staff with better short term performance, while mentoring assists staff with longer term development focused on career rather than job

· Coaching resources can be ‘assigned’ to individuals, but mentors have to be ‘chosen’ by the mentee

The second of these is probably the most critical - although employers can provide staff with mentoring services, the person being mentored has to make the final decision or the mentoring won’t work.  This is the main problem with in house mentoring.  Coaching is a service that is often successfully provided from inside a company, but mentoring is often hampered by an employee’s fear of repercussions.

Roffensian’s coaching and mentoring services are outlined below, please contact us for information of which organisational disciplines and industries we support:

· Working with customers to develop coaching strategy including goals, measures, timelines, etc

· Development of individual coaching plans with resources to be coached, along with milestones

· Execution of coaching plans with tracking and action plans

· Post coaching follow-up discussions after an agreed period

· Development of mentoring plans with identified individuals, including discussions around the type of mentor that would be successful and initial meetings

· Ongoing mentoring discussions with basic reporting*

* Due to the confidential nature of mentoring discussions the only reporting that will be provided to management is data on timing and number of meetings.

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